For safety

About Rafting The Kuma River

Thorough implementation of security measures,so loved by travelers for more than 100 years. Compliance with rules and use of life-saving supplies.You can experience this event with joy and peace of mind.

■ About Kumagawa

In the Ministry of Land,Transport and Tourism. The Small Ship Inspection agency of Japan implements safe shipping under the "River Drift Safety Code" established in March 2013.

◎ Thoroughly grasp the physical condition of the captain of the boat
◎ Development of management safety regulations
◎ Compliance with discontinued standards
◎ Operational lectures by the safety committee
◎ training for escape
◎ Safety Inspection of boat
◎ There are other training for terrorist attacks, earthquakes, etc.

■ About lifesaving equipment

You have to wear a life jacket regardless of age. Will also elaborate on how life-saving air cushions are used. We also explain how to use the life-saving cushion to ensure safety.