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The southernmost tip of Kumamoto, The town of history and culture of 700 years of Sagara.

Located in Kumamoto, the only national treasure in the city of Hitoyoshi,"Aoi Aso Jinjya". Until now, there was a street view of the prosperity of the Sagara. Known as Kyushu little Kyoto, it attracts many tourists to visit.Would you like to enjoy the relaxing spa and stroll through the town scenery after the Rafting Kuma River?

Visitor history

Aoi Aso Shrine (one of the National Treasures of Japan)

Aoi Aso Shrine (one of the National Treasures of Japan)googlemapリンク

Built in the early days of the Heian era. The main Shinto shrine is Mount Aso’s Aso shrine. Sacrifice of three of the 12 gods in the Aso shrine. Because the rare way of building in Japan has become the first Historical Site in Kumamoto to be designated as a national treasure of Japan.



Built in 1408. Alias ​​is "Ghost Temple". Mainly shows the ghost map painted by monk. It's a temple with a lot of history.



Built in 1408. Known as the oldest stone-made bridge in the Hitoyoshi Kuma area and the stone door of hollowed out huge rocks. You can see the spectacular sight of the century-old Halls crabapple blossoms in April.

Hitoyoshi Castle Ruins

Hitoyoshi Castle Ruinsgooglemapリンク

One of Japan’s top 100 castles, Hitoyoshi Castle was the home of Sagara clan for about 700 years from Kamakura-period to the end of Edo-period. It is also known as ”Sengetsu Shiro” (Crescent-Moon Castle) since they dug up a stone with a crescent moon carved on it in the southern tip of the property when the Sagaras first arrived there. In the spring you can enjoy the places full of cherry blossoms.

Hitoyoshi Castle Ruins Museum

Hitoyoshi Castle Ruins Museumgooglemapリンク

To "Learn from the castle" as the theme of the exhibition, you can learn about the Hitoyoshi Castle Ruinsfor more than 700 years. And the structure and characteristics of the nationally designated historical relics.



About 5 minutes walk from Hitoyoshi Station. The shape of the cave has a square shape, and there are many decorations around the circle,like animals、weapons、geometric figure. It is therefore also designated as a National historical monument.


Hitoyoshi Craft Park Ishino Park

Hitoyoshi Craft Park Ishino Parkgooglemapリンク

You can see the traditional artwork of Hitoyoshi and the local toys and other things outside the display and you can also experience craftsmanship. Want to experience craftsmanship or buy a gift or viewing observatory and families with small children are perfect for parks.

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MOZOCA STATION 868googlemapリンク

MOZOCA is a local dialect, with the meaning of "very small," "cute". Just next to JR Hitoyoshi station. The history of the Hisatsu Railway and the trains that run on the Kumakawa Railway. There are also indoor railways, no matter how adults and children can fully feel the charm of the building.

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SL Hitoyoshi

SL Hitoyoshigooglemapリンク

Enjoy the sounds, smoke and vibration of a powerful steam locomotive along with the unchanged beauty of The Kuma River. This very popular train has observation cars as well as a historical display.

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Kumagawa Line

Kumagawa Linegooglemapリンク

Kumakawa Railway is the local railway of Hitoyoshi in the south of Kumamoto. You can take the "Hitoyoshi Onsen Station" next to JR Hitoyoshi Station.

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Isaburo / Shinpei

Isaburo / Shinpeigooglemapリンク

This red train operates between Kumamoto-Hitoyoshi and Yoshimatsu (Kagoshima). These train names are of two individuals who dedicated their lives to railroad development during the Meiji period.Please enjoy great views of the Kirishima Mountains and of the Sakurajima Volcano from the large train windows.

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Limited Express KAWASEMI YAMASEMIgooglemapリンク

This blue and green train operates between Kumamoto-Hitoyoshi. This train is named after the wild birds, the kingfisher and crested kingfisher, that most likely travelled freely over the train tracks, even in a time when the passage of people was challenging.

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Many breweries employ winemakers only during the season of brewing shochu,but in the early days of the company's start-up, there were exclusive winemakers. The 100 anniversary of the continuation of the traditional winemaking technology. Can try to drink shochu,tourists from all over the country have been visiting here all year.

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Kuma Shochu Museum Hakutake Densho gura

Kuma Shochu Museum Hakutake Densho guragooglemapリンク

The traditions of Sake brewer, Takahashi Shuzo, are being passed down and preserved here in a form of various tools and equipment they have used in the past.A film gallery, Hakutake Shochu gallery, shops, and sake tastings available.

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Selling Shochu with weight and Kuma Shochu shop with eating area. Sold as many as 28 kinds of shochu. The bottle body of the shochu can also write a text message is the best choice for gifts.


Kyusendo (Kyusen Cave)

Kyusendo (Kyusen Cave)googlemapリンク

Discovery of the largeststalactitecave on Kyushu in 1973 (Showa 48). There are two different routes. One is that you can slowly enjoy the beauty of the stalactite cave. The second is a challenge to reach the underground 200m adventure.

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The tributary of Japan's three rapids Kumagawa. It is counted as one of the 100 Japan waterfalls. It's very cool around the waterfall. So there are many tourists who will go to the summer,and there will be festivals.

Hot spring・Stay



Historic hostel opened for more than 100 years. Enjoy the scenery, while tasting carp, river fish and other local dishes full of Hitoyoshi style,and Enjoy natural hot springs. Free shuttle rides are available.

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Hitoyoshi Ryokan

Hitoyoshi Ryokangooglemapリンク

Named as a Nationally Registered Tangible Cultural Property in 2012. Modern architecture has a very high rating. With the beatuiful view of the Kumagawa and taste the local cuisine made from the local ingredients. Use of Hot spring and empty it once with the fatigue of the tour.

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Hotel&Ryokan Ayunosato

Hotel&Ryokan Ayunosatogooglemapリンク

You can see the three major Japanese torrents of the ball and the Hitoyoshi Castle Ruins. 500 years of Hitoyoshi Hot Spring.Open-air hot springs overlooking the landscape of the Kumagawa.

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Opened in 1829 during the Edo period, Nabeyahonkan with a rich history. There are many royal aristocrats, writers and celebrities to stay here. You can see the three major Japanese torrents of the ball and the Hitoyoshi Castle Ruins(Crescent-Moon Castle).

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Founded in 1910,the oldest and most storied of Hitoyoshi’s hot springs. Along the three rapids of the Kumagawa, taste dishes made from food of origin and visit three different spring pools so that the body and mind can relieve stress.

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RYOKAN YOSHINOgooglemapリンク

Founded in 1909, It is one of the long-established ryokan that represents the history of Hitoyoshi Onsen. Named as a Nationally Registered Tangible Cultural Property in 2013. It is a historical hotel that many writers love.

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The closest accommodation to Hitoyoshi Station. A lot of gifts are a good choice for shopping. Even if you are not a hotel guest, you can still use the hot springs. just 3 minutes walk from Aoi Aso Shrine.

Ryokan Marue Honkan

Ryokan Marue Honkangooglemapリンク

5 minutes walk to Hitoyoshi Onsen Street. kumamoto local cuisine, such as raw horse meat, can be tasted in the hotel. Very close to the shopping area. Is the most suitable area for sightseeing.

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About 5 minutes walk from Hitoyoshi Station.Business Hostel in a bustling neighborhood.
Can accommodate 240 seats in the banquet hall、conference Hall and party.You can walk to Eikokuji or Aoi Aso Shrine.

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HOTEL HANA NO SHOUgooglemapリンク

You can see the natural beauty of Hitoyoshi and the resort hotel overlooking the street, which stands on the hill. Choose your preferred room type Japanese style or Western style. Open-air hot springs and Hitoyoshi's fresh ingredients made of banquet dishes, and so you can feel the unique style of Hitoyoshi.

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Very close to Aoi Aso Shrine and the city center. Choice of rooms in different forms. The natural hot spring baths are a good quality and will heal your tiredness.

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